Relative Rock bottoms

I agree something makes us decide to stay sober eventually or not.

Personal I could have saved myself and my family I whole lot of trouble by doing so earlier.

I follow Kate’s Sobriety Blog ( and quite agree with her article.

If I were to look at my life moments that should have been rock bottom weren’t. I was hospitalised at 25 while doing a Multinational Role that involved a lot of travelling , I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and was hold to stop drinking. I was supporting our household at the time as my husband was complementing his master and so it continue to work and thus drink.

I was in a neck brace at my 25  st birthday  after a guy jumped a red lighted. My car was a right off , while trying to phone my husband my phone got stolen.I was drunk at the time.

I broke my toe in Mozambique out of a two storey window to get more alcohol when my friend had told me a had enough and had locked my up their.

I had overdosed on a large amount of alcohol and prescription drugs while living down South and had to be taken to hospital/

So what changed?

One incident shortly after arriving in Nothingham . We went to a child parent meeting , I was drunk . Not full over drunk . But one bottle down ,noticable though. I was horrified. Who had a become?

i knew then i had to change.

40 days sober today!



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